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Leaf 3.0

Simple and elegant PHP

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Approachable 👨🏾‍🏫

Builds on top of standard PHP with a flexible learning curve + ZERO config.

Versatile ☃️

A rich, incrementally adoptable ecosystem of modules to build powerful apps with.

Efficient ⏰

Blazing Fast
‹40KB Source
Crazy development time


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Thanks for making this! I have been looking for an alternative to Silex for a few years now. I have tried other frameworks like Lumen, ...


I'm currently looking for a framework to replace our in-house built MVC framework which we have spent quite some time building over the...


Awesome, I just found about it and already using it for a client's site. Clean, well organized and the MVC versión is just great!!!

Carlos Cárdenas

Dig into the mind of Leaf with us

Our main goal and pride at Leaf is to make PHP development as simple and elegant as possible.

Our team is always looking to improve your experience using the Leaf framework and it's ecosystem of tools. You can follow along as our team discusses it's insights from the past year and what's to come in 2023.

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Released under the MIT License.

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